Facial Analysis and Skin Typing

Reading reviews of what worked for others isn't really the best way to find out what's going to work for you. This tool will help you understand what your current skin type and conditions are and what skin care would you need for these conditions. Come on, stop wasting.

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The first part assesses your skin and its ability to hydrate itself. We often misjudge the physical appearances of our skin, thus creating misconceptions of our skin’s hydrating capabilities. Reflections of oily skin in the mirror may not always mean it’s well-hydrated.

– The following questions will require you to look in a mirror to answer questions about how you look physically

– Let’s check how your personal habits and choices affect your skin’s hydration.

– Let’s examine how the environment affects your skin’s hydration. Some questions may require you to look at a mirror or to recall a few details about the past.


This section measures why your skin is sensitive and if it is prone to developing pimples, redness or occasional itching.

– The next questions are about your previous medical diagnosis, if there are. Such diagnoses affect your skin type as because there are things that the naked eyes cannot always capable of seeing but medical professionals are trained to spot.

– The following questions will examine how you look like physically. Certain physical traits that you can see in the mirror are indicators to other conditions that you may have.

– This section measures how other products and items react to your sensitive skin. Often there are ingredients inside the formulations that we are not always aware we are allergic to.

– This section helps you understand the effect fragrances have on your skin. Fragrance is a common cause of allergies and rashes for 15% of the population, find out if it affects you, too.

– This section determines how your current lifestyle and practices affect your skin’s sensitivity. There are instances that our choices cause our skin’s problems.


This section measures your skin’s tendency to form dark patches, freckles, and dark areas after trauma.

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Part 4 of 4 SKIN AGING:

This section measures your skin’s tendency to age. There are people blessed with genetics that allow them to age slower. Let’s find out if you’re part of that circle.

– Let’s now study your family genetics as 85% of your facial characteristics come from them.

Now let's talk about your maternal side where half of your genes come from.

– Analyze your face by looking in the mirror or by feeling your face with your hand as you answer the next questions.

– After genetics, your lifestyle plays the biggest factors as to why your skin ages. Let’s do lifestyle check!

– Let’s gauge how your current diet is affecting your skin’s ability to keep its age.

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